CMPR Int’l Trademark News: What Brexit Means For Your EU Trademark

Wed, 04/26/17
By: John Dawson and Kristin Galt

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (“EU”) raises a number of issues for current and prospective owners of trademarks in the EU and the UK.

Prior to June 23, 2016, an applicant for an EU Trademark (“EUTM,” previously known as a “Community Trademark” or “CTM”) could rely upon a single application to obtain ownership of a registered EUTM, which provides trademark protection in the UK and 27 other European countries. By virtue of the Brexit vote, however, the UK has triggered a process by which recognition of trademark rights under the EU system may no longer extend to the UK.

For registered EUTMs, the protections currently afforded to such marks in the UK are expected to remain intact for at least two more years, while the EU and UK negotiate the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU. Thus, for existing EUTM owners, no immediate change in the status of your UK trademark rights is expected.

Ultimately, and subject to the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, each registered EUTM may be divided into two trademarks: (1) a new, stand-alone trademark in the UK, and (2) the pre-existing “mother” EUTM covering the remaining EU member states. This approach would preserve the prior rights and priority dates previously established under the pre-Brexit EUTM registrations.

For parties filing new EUTM applications after June 23, 2016, and who also seek to obtain trademark protection in the UK, such applicants should file separate EUTM and UK trademark applications to ensure that they have adequate trademark protection. Because the UK and EU will remain signatories to the Madrid Protocol, new applicants seeking trademark protection in the US, the UK, and the EU can continue to rely upon the Madrid Protocol’s “one application” approach to apply for and obtain trademark registrations in each of those jurisdictions.

Please do not hesitate to contact John B. Dawson at or (707) 526-4200 if you have questions or concerns regarding this historic event and the impact it may have on your international trademark rights.

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